Hydraulic Hand Press

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Deskripsi Produk

Features and Purpose. This product can automatically adjust pressure in all directions. It can contact and press steadly, with small resistence and hight work efficiency. This is and ideal tool fot contact type copper and lead terminals and conection of union pipes used in electric cable conductors and in other the electric power operation. Operation Instructions. When pressing cables select cable of the required size and the corresponding contact moulds, close the oil valve tightly and turn the movable handle to enabled plunger pump to start up. While the hydraulic pressure is increasing the pistons will push the contact mould meet. (Do not continue to exert pressure after the two contact moulds meet to avoid damages to the components.) If there is a pressure is reached, you will hear a slight hissing sound indicating an automatic release of internal pressure and the work has been finished. Loosen the oil valve.


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